About Me
I got into photography because of my
Granddad who is an award winning
photographer and is where I get advice,
equipment editing tips and other useful
things from. We are always going out to
places to photograph or have a look
around, some of our regular places are
Weston on Trent or Calke Abby. I
always enjoy the travelling to places
and especially travelling with
Often we visit re-enactments which are
great to photograph (see here)
In 2011 I won the Erewash Photo Competition with my motorway picture, As
well as the Weston On Trent Produce Show with the Cornish Lighthouse
image. In November, I had the pleasure of photographing Bear Grylls at Drum
Hill for Derbyshire scouts, in which I got to meet Bear breifly.
Also in 2011 SRHPhoto became part of Selective Digital.
Getting the Shot
Getting the shot is essential to me and we are not afraid to
get it.
The photographer’s eye sees things differently to how
“others” see things and “that shot” can come from anywhere at any place, so
carrying my camera everywhere is always essential to me so that I don’t think
“I wish I had my camera” (although the iPhone camera is just as good).
Getting up at 3am or travelling many miles is something I am used to, to get
that shot.
Having been in Abandoned Hospitals, edges of the
Grand Canyon and standing in the middle of roads,
getting that shot is essential to me as there’s rarely a
second chance or another way, although editing in
Photoshop is sometimes necessary to complete the
America 2012
The most defining part of my photography so far is my trip to America in 2012.
This trip involved touring Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. This trip lasted
two weeks and we managed to travel 2077 Miles.
I took over 4,000 photos over that two weeks.
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Highway; Taken in Phoenix, Arizona.
One of my Favourite images 
Standing at the Edge of the
Grand Canyon.
Standing near a Scottish Main Road
Safety First!
Grand Canyon
Cornish Lighthouse (WPS Winner)
Click thumbnail to enlarge
Bear Grylls
Nazi Officer
Some of my favourite images
Dandelion Seed
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