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Welcome to the galleries page, here you will find galleries of events that
I have been to. Click around and have a look, be sure to take a look at
my America photos. Currently the Galleries are not in date order.
CD’s 2012
An idea gained from when I was at
college messing around with
a Compact Disc 
America 2012
Images taken during my trip
tothe USA (Arizona and Utah)  
Scotland Holiday 2013
Photos from my Trip around
Lumsdale Waterfall        
Images from Lumsdale Mill in
Wall Art in New Sawley
Some Photos of wall art I found
in New Sawley
- 52.890763, -1.298237
Gravesend 2011                   
These are some images I took at
Gravesend in the harbour and near
the A1 (near Holiday inn)
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London 2012
Some images from London, UK
in 2012 .  
Cornwall Holiday 2011
Images I took while
holidaying in Cornwall, UK        
Portfolio 2011
A showcase of my work. [2011-12]
 (A bit outdated now)
York Air Museum
Images I took at Yorkshire air
museum Re-Enactment in 2013  
Sandiacre Fireworks 2011
Photos from the Sandiacre
Fireworks Display in 2011                                    
Tutbury Castle 2011
Selection of images from the
Tutbury Castle Re-Enactment in
May 2011                                                 
Military Oddesey 2011
Some of the many images from
Military Oddesey 2011                                                 
Christmas Cookies 2018      
Images from the Christmas
Cookies shoot in 2018 for my
Christmas Card                                    
Motorway 2015                    
Photos of the M1 Motorway
Taken at Stoney Clouds,
Sandiacre, Derbyshire UK.      
Stanton Railway 2020             
Abandoned Railway found near
the site of the old Stanton
Ironworks exhibition building
Stanton Ironworks 2020       
Images from the abandoned
exhibition building at Stanton
Ironworks in Derbyshire.
Christmas Card Images      
Images used on my Christmas
Cards from last few years.
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Awaiting Content
Awaiting Content
Awaiting Content
Derby Photowalk 2011
Photographs from the Derby
Photowalk in 2011                            
Focus On Imaging 2013      
Images taken during the
Focus On Imaging Expo in 2013
Now known as The Photo Show